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Shotcrete contractors Auckland Services we offer

As one of the most established Shotcrete contractors in Auckland, Concrete Techniques provide a wide range of shotcrete services. From residential to commercial applications, here are just some of the services we offer

Retaining Walls

Shotcrete is the perfect solution for retaining walls, whether they are large or small.  Not only is shotcrete strong, durable and long lasting, it can be done in a wide range of finishes to match the environment. Unlike timber-only structures, shotcrete works well over longer periods even in damp conditions.

Spa pools and swimming pools

The great advantage of s shotcrete pool or spa is not only the durability, but you can choose any creative design and shape you like to suit your specific environment. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and can give your outdoor area a unique look and feel that will last for many years.

Commercial projects

From silage bunkers to effluent ponds and sea walls, Concrete Techniques can make sure you optimise the space you have available that is both durable and functional. Take a look a our portfolio to see some of the work we have done.

Remedial and support structures

Shotcrete is also the perfect product for supporting older structures that have weakened over time, or even as a short term solutions while other works is being completed.

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